Video panas artis Gisel

Jakarta - The name of the artist and singer Gisella Anastasia aka Gisel is trending again on social media on Monday, November 9, 2020, after a porn video similar to her appeared. However, it turned out that the viral name Gisel was due to the appearance of a pornographic video similar to him that this was not the only time this happened.

The following are 5 facts from the viral porn video like Gisel.

1. It happened before

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The case of a pornographic video similar to Gisel's occurred at the end of October 2019. The video went viral on social media and was shared by many accounts.

Responding to this, Gisel denied the netizen's allegations. Gisel said he would not be silent about the viral news. He made an upload that he was studying the ITE Law to bring a lawsuit against the video spreader.

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He also uploaded a photo of his daughter, Gempita Nora Marten or Gempi while sleeping accompanied by an inscription that he was no longer silent.

"For your sake this time I will not be silent. This time I have to defend my dignity as I should. Before this mentality begins to erode the cruelty of words due to views and stigma. This time I have to speak," wrote Gisel.

2. Report to Polda Metro Jaya

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A few days after the video went viral, Gisel reported that many social media accounts spread and linked the immoral video with him. Gisel did not specify the number of social media accounts he reported for allegedly violating the ITE Law.

In this report, Gisel was accompanied by his girlfriend Wijaya Saputra or Wijin and his legal team, Sandy Arifin. The mother's report from Gempita Nora Marten or Gempi is contained in a letter numbered TBL / 6864 / X / 2019 / PMJ / Dit.Krimsus dated October 25, 2019. However, until now, the news of the investigation of the case is not yet known.

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3. Not peaceful

Gisel stated that he would not open the door to peace for the uploader who slandered him. He said his party had prepared a lot of evidence to ensnare the reporters. "We brought prints from social media which I captured and then printed," said Gisel.

4. Ask Kominfo to block social media from spreading the Gisel video

Unlike the case in 2019 which was reported directly by Gisel, in 2020 the reporting was delivered by advocate Pitra Romadoni Nasution. He said his party had pocketed dozens of social media accounts that were proven to have spread the pornographic videos.

In addition, Pitra asked the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo) to immediately block accounts of immoral video disseminators similar to singers who had dropped out of the talent search arena in order to maintain the morale of the younger generation.

"What we propose as evidence that we have chosen, is without censorship, and it has been shown by thousands of people," said Pitra.

5. Dozens of social media accounts were reported

Pitra said that he had recorded dozens of accounts on social media to be handed over to investigators at Polda Metro Jaya for sharing a pornographic video similar to Gisel. He explained that the accounts were from Twitter and YouTube

But what is being put forward as evidence that we have chosen is (the video spreader) without any censorship, "said Pitra.

Pitra said that the distribution of immoral videos was reported under Article 45 in conjunction with Article 27 Paragraph 1 of the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) and Article 4 Paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 6 Juncto Article 29 of Law Number 44 Year 2008 concerning Pornography. According to him, there were threats of imprisonment and fines for these actions.

"The fine for distributing immoral videos is Rp. 1 billion in accordance with the ITE law, and Rp. 600 million for distributing immoral videos in accordance with the Pornography Law is Rp. 600 million. Meanwhile, the penalty is 12 years," he said.


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